Sheira Brayer

Speaker  • Author  •  Coach  •  Songwriter

Sheira Brayer

Speaker • Author • Coach • Songwriter

Hi! I’m Sheira “Princess of Empowerment”!  Yes, that’s a take-off on the old She-Ra “Princess of Power" animated character from the 80’s - except I don’t have a horse or a sword!  My tools are my messages, humor and music and I use them to bring more balance and harmony into the world.

I'm a native New Yorker - born in Brooklyn (but, hey, wasn't everybody?) and raised on Long Island.  One of three kids; I have an identical twin sister and a brother who's a year older than us....boy, did my parents have fun!  As a first generation American (my mother is from Israel and my father is from Poland), I've had a unique multicultural upbringing - - interesting, but not always easy.  My mother grew up in Tel Aviv in a poor and emotionally abusive home, but still managed to maintain a poetic and life-loving spirit; gifts that, fortunately, she passed on to me.  However, I've also seen first-hand the impact on my mom of being raised in such a challenging environment and it's been the catalyst for much of the work I do.  My father is a Holocaust survivor who lost his entire family at the tender age of 13. He escaped to the forests where he hid for two years.  His story of tragedy and triumph has also had a major impact on me and my life's work.  

I'm probably best known for being the co-creator and lead songwriter for the Emmy-nominated and nationally distributed Public Television pre-school series "Dittydoodle Works" for which I wrote almost 200 songs.  I also use my songwriting to contribute charitably, composing custom songs for sick children through the Songs of Love Foundation as well as the theme song for the esteemed Wounded Warrior Project.

For the past several years, I've been presenting "Motiv8: 8 Ways To ROCK Your Own World," an interactive, multimedia-based empowerment program geared primarily for mothers and their tween/teen daughters.  It melds together proven life skills, personal anecdotes, music, videos, quotes, audience participation and the key ingredient, humor, to help us connect to the most important person: ourselves. I call it living 'from the inside out’.  When we learn to have a better relationship with ourselves, we can start having a healthier one with others.  And the earlier we learn that, the better!

And I'm happy to announce that the book version of the Motiv8 program (same title) is now available on Amazon.  And since music is my passion, I've written an original song for every chapter (which is available on every major digital music platform).   Look out for the book tour coming in 2018!

Why do I focus primarily on females?  Because I believe "we need more girl in our world." Our gifts, which I call the 4C’s (Compassion, Connection, Communication, Cooperation), are needed now more than ever!  Since moms are their daughters' first and most important role models, my mission is to arm moms with tools, tips, inspiration and knowledge - through my programs, coaching and speaking - so that we can continue raising generations of confident, self-reliant, creative, capable and kind daughters.

Having said all that, my most important and satisfying role is as a mom to two amazing kids (who am I kidding, they're adults!): my daughter, Ayden, whose incredible creativity, I'm convinced, will change the world (it's already changed mine - she beautifully edited my book and contributed to the companion music!) - and my son, Liam, whose determination and grit in pursuing his own dreams have inspired me beyond words.  I tell them all the time that no matter what I create or accomplish in my life, they will always be my most treasured productions.  And, of course, I couldn't have produced them without my amazing, supportive and uber talented husband, Cory!
I'm glad we've connected here.  Take a few minutes and check out the site!  I truly hope my words, music and messages inspire you to connect with your own beautiful soul and to share your unique gifts with the world!