Sheira Brayer

Speaker  • Author  •  Coach  •  Songwriter

Sheira Brayer

Speaker • Author • Coach • Songwriter

Hi! I’m Sheira “Princess of Empowerment”!  Yes, that’s a take-off on the old She-Ra “Princess of Power" animated character from the 80’s - except I don’t have a horse or a sword!  My tools are my messages, humor and music and I use them to bring more balance and harmony into the world.

I'm a native New Yorker - born in Brooklyn (but, hey, wasn't everybody?) and raised on Long Island.  I am one of three kids; I have an identical twin sister and a brother who's a year older than us....boy, did my parents have fun!  As a first generation American (my mother is from Israel and my father is from Poland), I've had a unique multicultural upbringing - always fascinating, but not always easy.  My mother grew up in Tel Aviv in a poor and abusive home, but she managed to maintain a spirited, musical and poetic essence and thankfully passed those gifts on to me. My dad is a Holocaust survivor who lost his entire family at the tender age of 13. He escaped to the forests where he hid for two years.  His story of tragedy and triumph has had a major impact on my life and the work I do.  
My own journey has been a long and winding road of self-discovery and personal development.  I’m dedicated to sharing what I've learned in the hopes of helping women and girls improve the most important relationship - the one we have with ourselves.  I call it ‘living from the inside out’.  When we learn to have a better relationship with ourselves, we can start having a healthier one with others.  And the earlier we learn that, the better!

Why do I focus primarily on females?  Because I believe "we need more girl in our world." We possess unique gifts which I call the 4C’s (Compassion, Connection, Communication, Cooperation) and they are needed now more than ever!  Since moms are their daughters' first and most important role models, my mission is to arm moms with as many tools, tips, inspiration and knowledge as possible so that the next generation continues to raise confident, self-reliant, creative, capable and kind daughters.

I'm glad we've connected here.  Take a few minutes and check out the site!  I truly hope my words, music and messages inspire you to connect with your own beautiful soul and to share your unique gifts with the world!